Fabrications and Machining

Supplier of high quality metal fabrications and machined components for rail and rolling stock.

Bespoke products designed to meet specifications, we build internal saloon and cab panels, consoles, equipment cabinets, enclosures and more.

Bespoke products for all specifications

From single functional prototypes for testing and validation to large volume productions, we can meet all requirements. From design to finished product, we offer a fully supported process using the best manufacturing technologies and materials.

Network of manufacturing expertise

In addition to in-house capabilities, we work in partnership with a diverse manufacturing network to access specialist technology and metalwork capabilities to supply precision components and materials for the rail sector.

  • Metal Fabrications
    Production of sheet metal fabrications in a wide range of materials designed and manufactured to bespoke requirements.

  • Welding
    Fusing metal components for the production of parts or repair and maintenance of existing materials.

  • Bending
    Metalwork can be bent and angled to create products to suit bespoke specifications and requirements.

  • Punching
    Fast, accurate and cost-effective production for bespoke design products with high-quality results.

  • Machining
    High quality, precision machined large and small components and parts, producing new specified parts, prototypes or re-producing existing parts that need replacing.

  • Laser cutting
    Fast, accurate, precision cutting of various material strengths and thicknesses for a flawless, consistent finish. Energy-efficient method, suitable for low and high-volume production.

  • Painting and powder coating
    A wide range of durable, versatile and high performance finishes. Corrosion resistant painted and powder coated panels to match exact colour specifications.


Commitment to quality

We ensure comprehensive quality control measures to guarantee that every fabricated product meets the most stringent quality benchmarks.

Our commitment to inspection, testing, and thorough documentation at every stage of the manufacturing process guarantees that our rolling stock fabrications are of the highest quality, adhering to all industry standards and requirements.