Cab Environment, Seats and Desks

We design and manufacture cab seats, heaters, desks and other interior products to ensure a safe and comfortable cab environment.

train cab environment

Cab Design Principles

Human factors, ergonomic principles and a user-centred approach are at the core of our product design.

Cab Seats

Adjustable, ergonomically designed seats with backrest and lumbar support for the highest levels of comfort, healthy seating position and easy operation of train controls.

Cab Desks

High-quality fabricated and moulded parts and cab desk assembly. Manufactured to required designs and specifications.

Cab Heaters

Range of cab heaters for all unit types for superior heating performance. Overhaul kits for maintenance ensuring optimum efficiency.

Cab Environment

Extensive range of fans and climate control products for effective cooling performance. Ventilation for fresh air flow and filtration of airborne contaminants. We design and manufacture cup holders, coat hooks, waste bins and equipment holders. Fabricated panels for cab interiors offering optimal durability, safety and acoustic performance.