The Belvoir Rail Story: Garage Startup to Rail Supply Powerhouse

The Belvoir Rail story began in 2008, when our Managing Director James Brown founded the business as an upstart in a converted garage. We have since evolved into a powerhouse of rail supply and solutions.

The story of Belvoir Rail is one of ambition, innovation and a passion to take on unsolved challenges. From our first product, a train cab heater, we've thrived, now operating from a high-quality facility in Nottingham, serving customers across the UK. Our Story

Premier Partner in Rolling Stock Solutions
We stand tall as a trusted partner for high-performing rolling stock, offering a comprehensive range of products and solutions. From rolling stock parts and interiors to overhauls, repairs, kitting, assembly services, and innovative engineering solutions – we've got the expertise to keep rail fleets running smoothly.

Our extensive product line includes heating, hand dryers, LED lighting, metal fabrications, and mechanical and electrical components. We collaborate with leading brands, bringing the best products into the rail industry.

Mission Excellence: Redefining the Rail Supply Experience
We were founded on the belief that supply in rail should be agile, transparent, deliver value for money and aligned with a collective industry goal to make rail travel better. So, our mission is simple: to offer quality and assurance to our customers through a seamless experience that exceeds expectations. This mission is what continues to drive us today.

Expanding Customer Portfolio
Our journey has been quite the adventure, marked by consistent growth and strength year after year. We've built strong partnerships and expanded our customer base to include major players such as Train Operating Companies, Rolling Stock Leasing Companies, Train Maintainers, and Rail Vehicle Manufacturers.

Our involvement in significant fleet transformation, upgrade, and overhaul projects has led to the successful sale of tens of thousands of products, parts, and services. Recent notable projects in our portfolio include the Arriva Train Care Chiltern Railways Class 168 & 165 TPWS project, the Northern Trains Digital Programme, and the East Midlands Railways Cab Heater Overhauls on Class 158s.

Our solid reputation has made us the go-to choice for operators seeking crucial obsolescence support and sourcing for hard-to-find or obsolete rolling stock components. Our solutions have helped extend the asset life for key train operators, improve fleet performance and reduced replacement costs.

Beyond Boundaries
We don't just solve problems – we also push the boundaries of innovation. Our success lies in transforming customer ideas into tangible prototypes and final products. We're currently working on a number of exciting products set to launch in 2024. These products will enhance performance, efficiency, safety and sustainability in the rail industry, reinforcing our role as a leading product development and solutions partner.

Belvoir Rail has also achieved industry recognition. We're proud joint winners of the Modern Railways Innovation Awards for Engineering and Safety. Together with Northern Trains and Modux, we clinched the coveted award thanks to our support in a pioneering in-service infrastructure monitoring trial.

Customers at the Heart
Customers are at the very centre of what we do and our commitment to their satisfaction forms the core of our business. From the outset, we've understood that our customers are the heartbeat of the railway industry. Their needs, goals, and challenges are the driving force behind our creativity and innovation. We actively listen to their concerns, ideas, and requirements, responding with agility to ensure we not only meet but exceed their expectations but also create value at every turn.

Our customer-centric ethos fuels our operations. Our goal is to make Belvoir Rail the easy choice, not just through rhetoric but through a genuine passion to deliver differently. We thrive on creating seamless experiences for our customers, understanding that simplicity is the key to making their journey with us a delightful one.

Employee Community
At Belvoir Rail, we are not just a company; we are a community, brought together by a shared passion for rail. Our people are the heartbeat of our organisation, and we cherish the unique talents and qualities each individual brings to the table.

We often say, "We are all about people," and we mean it. Our employees are the heart and soul of Belvoir Rail, where everyone plays a crucial role in our collective success. We take pride in fostering an environment that goes beyond the conventional employer-employee relationship – we create a home away from home. We invest in their growth, both professionally and personally, because we understand that when our employees thrive, so does our company.

Building Better
But our story doesn't end here. Belvoir Rail is a driving force for positive change in the industry. Our vision is to be the most trusted and reliable supply partner in the rail industry, continually setting the standard for excellence.

As you can see, we've come a long way! And we're just getting started.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us to discover what we can offer and experience the Belvoir Rail difference.