Finding the Best Hand Drying Solutions for Trains

Finding the Best Hand Drying Solutions for Trains

There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right hand-drying solution for your rail fleet. From meeting rail standards to finding a reliable supply partner, it can be quite a challenge.

When fitting hand dryers to trains, there are several factors to consider:

Space and Mounting: Choose a hand dryer that fits securely in the available space without obstructing other fixtures or movement. Look at mounting options such as wall-mounted or recessed installation.

Power Supply and Electrical Load: Select a hand dryer that matches your train's voltage standards and doesn't overload the electrical circuits.

Durability and Safety: Choose hand dryers designed for high-traffic environments with robust construction, impact resistance, and safety features. Look for thermal protection to prevent overheating during continuous operation.

Hygiene and Cleanliness: Consider hand dryers with features like HEPA filters and antimicrobial coatings for cleanliness.

User Experience: Select hand dryers with quick drying times, comfortable hand positioning, low noise, and intuitive and simple operation to enhance the customer experience.

Accessibility and Universal Design: Ensure that the hand dryers comply with accessibility standards and universal design principles. Consider features like low-mounted controls or touchless operation, making them accessible for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Energy Efficiency: Opt for hand dryers that are energy efficient to minimise power consumption without compromising drying performance.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensure hand dryers meet relevant safety and regulatory standards including those relating to electric equipment, electromagnetic compatibility, fire and smoke, and shock and vibration.

Maintenance and Accessibility: Choose hand dryers that are easy to maintain and access for routine maintenance, filter replacements, or repairs.

Service and Support: Partner with a manufacturer or supplier that offers maintenance contracts, spare parts availability, and responsive customer support.

With all that in mind, finding the right hand dryers for your trains can be a breeze when you have the experts by your side. At Belvoir Rail, we've got you covered with our industry-leading solutions. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the field, we understand the unique requirements and complexities of rolling stock and the railway industry.

Choosing us

Modern and Efficient Products
Our sleek hand dryers boast cutting-edge technology, offering powerful yet energy-efficient drying performance. With contemporary designs and innovative features, they elevate train aesthetics and provide an enhanced passenger experience. 
Built for Trains
Our space-saving, durable products boast a long service life and are perfect for high usage. We understand the importance of maximising available space on trains and our leading brands are engineered for superior performance and crafted with compact spaces in mind.
Smart Technology
Our range includes intelligent control technology for individual configuration. Our smart solutions range can monitor usage patterns and detect errors, enabling proactive maintenance to ensure optimal performance.
We know that safety and compliance are of utmost importance in the railway sector. Our hand dryers are designed and tested to meet the strictest rail regulations and standards, ensuring seamless integration onto trains. Our products are tested and certified to comply with industry standards such as EN 45545, EN 50155, EN 50121 and EN 61373.
Full Support, Every Step of the Way
We believe in building long-term partnerships with our customers. From the initial consultation, delivery and beyond, our dedicated team of specialists provide you with comprehensive support. 

By partnering with a trusted provider like Belvoir Rail, you can find hand drying solutions tailored to your fleet's unique requirements, ensuring reliable operation and a great passenger experience. 

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