Belvoir Rail Joins Railway Industry Association

We are pleased to announce our membership to the Railway Industry Association (RIA), a national trade association for UK-based suppliers to the railway industry.

Established in 1875, RIA is a leading advocate for the UK rail supply community. With a membership base exceeding 350 organisations, RIA plays a pivotal role in influencing policies, driving innovation, and supporting collaboration within the industry. It also serves as a platform for networking, knowledge-sharing and driving advocacy for its members.

Our decision to join RIA reflects our strategic commitment to excellence, innovation, and partnerships within the rail sector. We aim to leverage the resources and expertise offered by RIA to enhance our capabilities and actively participate in shaping the future of rail in the UK.

Sonja Greschner, Communications Manager at Belvoir Rail said "We are delighted to join the Railway Industry Association and be part of a community that has been instrumental in driving positive change within the rail sector for over a century. We believe our membership will open doors to new opportunities, best practice and growth, benefiting both our business and valued customers."

As a member, we look forward to actively contributing to the collective strength of the UK rail supply community and staying at the forefront of industry advancements.   RIA membership FINAL