Belvoir Rail join Northern Trains to Collect Innovation Award

Belvoir Rail join Northern Trains to Collect Innovation Award

Belvoir Rail was honoured to join Northern Trains to collect their winning award for the Engineering and Safety category at the prestigious Railway Innovation Awards in London on Friday 23 June.


Northern Trains was recognised for its innovative work on in-service infrastructure monitoring, which impressed the judges and earned them the top spot in the category.

The prestigious event celebrates the best in innovation across the rail industry, with categories ranging from engineering and safety to passenger experience and sustainability. The awards are highly respected within the industry and winning an award is a significant achievement.

Northern Trains' in-service monitoring trial is revolutionising the rail industry. By fitting monitoring equipment to a passenger train, they collect and analyse valuable data about railway assets and the surrounding environment. Advanced technologies like Thermal Imaging, Acoustic Monitoring, LiDAR, Radar, AI Cameras, and G-Shock Sensors provide maintenance engineers with a better picture of the railway landscape. In the future, this technology will reduce the need for manual inspections, creating a safer and more efficient railway.

Congratulations to Northern Trains on this impressive win! Their commitment to innovation and excellence is an inspiration to the entire rail industry. We're thrilled to have been a part of their success and can't wait to see what the future holds for the rail industry.

The project which was a partnership between Northern Trains, Network Rail, Belvoir Rail and Modux demonstrates how collaboration between Asset Owners, Train Operators and the Supply Chain has the power to transform rail.